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The Ceylon Tamils website is not affiliated with any organisation. The information is shared for free and there are no membership costs. It is researched and maintained by a small group of people without staff or advertising revenue.

This website attempts to collate the genealogies, legends and known histories of Tamils whose ancestors originated in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and give them a sense of their history. It does not claim to be authoritative, nor does it seek to establish any political point in the ongoing debate on the rights of Sri Lanka's current Tamil inhabitants to autonomy or self-determination. It is provided as a genealogical database to help members of families establish their relationship to each other in an age when conflict and the Tamil Diaspora have led to the breakdown of ancient village and social structures upon which traditional Tamil culture was once based.

The presence of an individual or family on this site does not indicate that they are, or identify as being, a member of the Ceylon Tamil community. Individuals listed are linked in some way to people who consider themselves Ceylon Tamil. In most cases, these linkages are direct blood ties, but in some cases, they are through a third party (such as a spouse or descendant), and there is no blood linkage between the individual and the Ceylon Tamil community. More detailed information and discussion of this issue can be found on the CeylonTamils.com Forum under the heading Communities in Sri Lanka.


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