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A Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

ADC Aide de Camp. Military honorary appointment of chief military aide or assistant. Use of the letters after a name after conclusion of the appointment indicates that the individual was aide de camp to a Head of State.
Arachchiyar Tamil title, used for judges and representatives of the king
BCE Before the Current Era (corresponds to Before Christ BC in the Gregorian Calendar)
CE Current Era (corresponds to Anno Domini AD in the Gregorian Calendar)
Chaddampiar Tamil title, meaning teacher
Chakravarti Emperor
Dom see Don
Don (also Dom) In local usage, an inherited Portuguese title, equating to knighthood in the British Imperial system (both hereditary and appointed). Early Portuguese administrators used the title 'Dom' to refer to Sri Lankans of noble descent, granted Sri Lankans the title as a courtesy when they were appointed to local administrative positions and also allowed Sri Lankans to purchase hereditary use of the title. Under the Dutch and British, this was commonly replaced by 'Don'
ED Efficiency Decoration (Sri Lanka army medal)
Gate Mudaliyar see Mudaliyar
Irumarapuntuyar Title associated with Jaffna royalty. Possibly combination of 'Rama' and 'Pandya' - i.e. a reference to Rameswaram, the home of Vijeya Kulangkai Ariyar Chakravarti, and the Pandyan descent of the Ariyar Chakravarti kings. If this is correct, a more familiar contemporary transliteration of the title might be something like 'Ramapandya' - at least two roughly contemporaneous Pandyan kings of the late Pandyan period (Varathungga Ramapandya -1588 CE and Adhi Vira Ramapandya -1564-1604 CE) used this title. This is after the Portuguese arrived in Lanka and before the Dutch took over in the late 1600s.
Kovil Temple
Kumar (also Kumaran) Prince
Maha Mudaliyar see Mudaliyar
Maharajah see Rajah
MBE Member of the British Empire (British honour)
Mudali see Mudaliyar
Mudaliyar (also Mudali, Gate Mudaliyar, Maha Mudaliyar) Ancient title, from the Tamil word for 'leader' or 'principal'. Used by the Tamil and Sinhalese kings for high officials in the feudal structure, then later used by the Portuguese, Dutch and British for appointed officials.
MVO Member of the Royal Victorian Order (British honour)
Notary an officer of the court and the civil administration, capable of receiving oaths and witnessing affidavits
OBE Order of the British Empire (British honour)
Parakesari see Rajakesari
Pararajasekaran (also Segarajasekaran) The titles used by the Ariyar Chakravarti Emperors in alternation similar usage was made of the titles rajakesari and parakesari by the Chola Emperors.
Proctor an officer of the court an advocate
Pullavar Tamil title, meaning poet
Rajah (also Maharajah) King
Rajakesari (also Parakesari) The titles used by the Chola Emperors in alternation.
Segarajasekeran see Pararajasekaran
Shroff an officer of the civil administration
Udaiyar Tamil title, feudal lord of a village
Vidane Tamil title
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