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Ceylon History

Tamil Names

Tamil Titles

Castes and Religions

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

List of Sources and Bibliography
List of Sources and Bibliography

Books and Publications

Tr. C. Britto, The Yalpana Vaipava Malai or The History of the Kingdom of Jaffna, translated from the Tamil with an appendix and glossary

Tr. Tambimuttu Vinasithamby, Maniampathiar Santhathimurai

Ribeiro, Joao (Tr. P.E. Peris), Historic Tragedy of the Island of Ceilao

Official History of the Great War: Mesopotamia Campaign 1914-1918, HMG, IV

Father Don Peter, History of the Roman Catholic Church

Wright, Arnold, Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon

Wheeler, Sir Mortimer, The Indus Civilization, 3rd Ed. London 1976

Muttukumaru, Anton Marion, The Military History of Ceylon, Navrang, New Delhi, 1987

Pliny The Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus), Natural History, Tr. John Healy, Penguin London 1991

Subramanian, Social History of the Tamils, New Delhi

Personal Family Tree Contributors

Chanmugam, Descendants of T K Chanmugam (Unpublished)

Hensman, Family Tree of the Mather, Hensman and Paul Families (Unpublished)

Joustra, Kyle, Tamil Families of Atchuvely (part of larger holdings on Sri Lankan family tree research)

Kanagarajah, Jerry, Personal Family tree details

Mather, Quintus, Family History: Mather - Paul, Colombo 1992

Muttukumaru, Anton Marion, Tale of Two Families, (unpublished)

Somasundaram, George, Family Tree of the Somasundaram Family (unpublished)

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