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A Note on Tamil Titles

For ease of indexing, and in order to standardise the format for names, this website uses a hybrid name structure which is not strictly correct. In order to construct names in an accurate Tamil order, it may be necessary to place prefix and suffix titles in a different location in relation to an individual's names than those presented on particular family pages.

All titles in the database are prefix titles (Sir, Don, Mudaliyar, Rajakesari, etc.,). Traditional Tamil titles were suffix titles. Thus, the full name of Sir Muttukumarasamy, son of Gate Mudaliyar Coomarasamy, son of Arumugampillai, should be written as Arumugampillai Coomarasamy Gate Mudaliyar Sir Muttukumarasamy. This formulation is potentially confusing and all titles are represented as prefix titles to limit this.

Suffix titles on the database are restricted to post-nominal letters (MBE, OBE, MVO, etc.,) and the village of origin of the person described.

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