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Dr. Mills and family

Sinnatamby Family

Emily (Asbury) Strong

Dr. Grace (Sinnatamby) Barr-Kumarakulasinghe

Kadirgamar Family

Manikkawasagan Family

Rev. J. Kadirgamar

Mills Family, 1956

Pathman Mills

The Strong and Asbury families

Sinnatamby Anniversary Photo

Sinnatamby Wedding Photo

William Nevins

Timothy Nevins

Timothy Nevins and Margaret Watson

Dr. S. G. C. Mills and family

Marriage of Dr. SGC Mills and J. Kadirgamar

Rev. E.T. Williams and family

KC Kadirgamar and family

Victoria Kadirgamar (nee Asbury) and family

Jackson Kadirgamar farewell

Nehru and Andrew Lovell

Manikasingham Wedding

Pathmaranee Engagement

Williams Family

Joseph Sinaswamy and family

Elizabeth Scott

James Muttiah Hensman

Thambiah Strong Cooke

William Mather

Swaminathar Kanagaratnam Lawton

K.R. Lawton

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